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Swan Creek White Round Candle

Swan Creek Candle

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Swan Creek White Round Candle
Swan Creek White Round Candle

Filled with 12 ounces of American Soybean Wax, Measures 5.25" H x 3.5" W, 65 hour burn time 


Bourbon Maple Sugar (Brown) – a mild bourbon note blends with a rich aroma of brown sugar and maple!

Citrus & Sage (Moss Green) – An upfront Sage note followed by a blend of citrus that is certain to be enjoyed!

Honey Soaked Apples (Gold) – Pure, Crisp and Refreshing. A mild honey note with a pure crisp apple body for a high throw.

Spiced Orange & Cinnamon (Med. Orange) – Cinnamon, Crushed oranges and some notes of nutmeg and all spice, this is a perfect citrus fragrance!

Spa Day - It hits you the minute you walk into your favorite spa! Peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating, a sense of calm descends upon you with this herbal blend of crushed rosemary, white thyme, Roman chamomile and hints of forest wood - it smells just like a day at the spa.

Warm Cinnamon Buns (Brown) – You don’t need the fair for sticky buns! A high throw of cinnamon with a mild buttery cake throw will have you waiting for more!

Strawberry Tomato Basil - Bring the garden into your home - so fresh and clean! Somewhere in the hazy part of a late summer afternoon, heat rolls off the garden bringing ripples of juicy, lush tomato and savory basil. Blend the entire effect with ripe, sweet strawberries and a hint of mint for the perfect summer fragrance.

Wild Honeysuckle and Citrus- The perfect fusion of fruits and florals! This lovely bouquet of sun-kissed honeysuckle and white lily is tempered with the right amount of sweetness from fresh orange and apricot slices. Soft base-notes of rosewood and cedar give depth to the blend and pull everything together for a light and bright modern floral.

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